Heavy Bag Workout

"The number one thing a person can do to train
for kickboxing is to run distances and build endurance."
Kickboxing Judge - Sensei Jimmy White


Goals of workout:
  • One minute on, one minute off - 5 reps
  • Practice balance with resistance of bag weight
  • Judge distance for effective technique
  • Move heavy bag
  • To train surface of striking points and train striking points of body to maintain correct form so as to minimize injuries to hands, feet, elbows, knees and forehead
  • We recommend using an Everlast 70 pound canvas bag for adults; 40 pound workout bag for children who weigh less than 90 pounds; if you can't use a hanging heavy bag then use a water-filled base standing punching bag that can be purchased at most major sporting goods stores
  • To avoid injury: tape hands properly; use padded, leather gloves; and footpads or shoes

Type of Drill Area Being Struck &
Recommended Exercise
Punching Drills Push bag away from body and stand where bag usually rests. Use punches and elbows to keep bag away from body for gradually increasing rounds of 30, 60, 90, and 120 seconds.
Kicking Drills Get into a fighting stance and work on all kicks from both right and left forward fighting stances. Front kicks and side kicks must move the bag at least two to three feet.
Elbow Drills Work on elbow strikes to face and midsection area. Be sure to wear elbow pads for protection.
Knee Drills Work on knee strikes to groin, solar plexus and inside/outside thighs
Head Butt Practice a head butt to the bridge of the nose and to the side of the face.
Palm Strikes Practice palm strikes to nose, ear and upwards toward chin. Practice overhand palm strike to lower jaw.
Ridge Hands Practice left and right ridge hand techniques to proper bag area.
Back Fist Practice back fist in forward position. Practice back fist in spinning position.


Words of Wisdom

"Fitness is such a crucial factor in combativeness that it is sometimes said to represent one side of a triangle, the other two being practical techniques and proper mental attitude." - Corcoran & Graden


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