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Promotion to 5th dan by CHKA Soke/Sifu Jack F.C. Shamburger at the USDTKA tournament witnessed by 500 attendees and held at Curie High School in Chicago, Illinois in February of 2002


  • Studied Martial Arts in 1977/1978 under Master Bobbie Earl Suell (E6 U.S. Air Force) at Camp Zukeran, Okinawa, Japan up to and including Green Belt ranking
  • Inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame for the year 2002, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • Member U.S. Marine Corps Karate Fighting/Forms Competition Team based out of Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton, California and lead by head instructor Sifu Jack F.C. Shamburger
  • Chicago Representative for Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy (CHKA)

  • Chicago and National Representative for United States Dragons Tong Karate Academy.
  • Promoted to 1ST degree Blackbelt on October 1, 1979, by Sifu Jack  Shamburger at Camp Pendleton, CA

  • Chicago and National Representative for Nine Fist Warriors
  • Honorable Discharge, 1981/1987
    United States Marine Corps.
    Meritorious Sergeant E-5
    2nd Battalion/1st Marines, Camp Pendleton; Camp Lejeune Camp Butler, Japan
1st place Brown Belt division; First karate tournament held at Camp Pendleton, California. August 1979. Tournament promoted by Sifu Jack F.C. Shamburger and attended by over 75 top ranking Southern California Blackbelts and 700 spectators.



Words of Wisdom

"Until I am sure who I can trust,
I don't trust anybody." - NFW


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